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Welcome to the New Earth! The Shift of Ages is now in High Gear.  At New Earth Webinars, you'll find many wonderful speakers, practitioners, & resources to help you prepare for the great awakening of consciousness now entering a phase of rapid manifestation.

Not only was the current upheaval in the world foreseen by the ancient Mayans, but also by many other great civilizations.  Join us in Co-Creating a Better World.

Featured Speakers

Come hang out with us on Zoom! Most of our shows are live interactive experiences. Some are pre-recorded Gaia episodes.

Michele Bradshaw

Tips, tools & techniques to support the elevation of your happiness setpoint to raise your vibration & expand your container, & bring you closer to the light.

Gregg Braden

Bridges the Gap Between Science and Spirituality

Thanks to our friends at Gaia, you can now watch Gregg Braden's show "Missing Links" as part of our weekly programming. Find out about the deep truths of humanity and our world.

Kristina Ross

Spirit Guide Portraits & Messages

Kristina, an amazing visionary artist offering insightful clairvoyant portraits channeled from your Spirit Guides, was voted "Best Artist" at one of the World Famous Laguna Sawdust Festivals.  

Happiness Hour: Awakening Intuition

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Neuroscientist & Expert on Miraculous Healings

If you haven't seen his new show "Rewired", now you can! Thanks to our friends at Gaia, we'll be streaming this as part of our weekly programming. Don't miss this! Dr. Joe is amazeballs! 

Dean Price

Astrology Readings &  Healings

Dean works with the Archangels using Astrology & 'Spirit Touch', an individually-tailored process to release, clear, & re-program astrological stress points & karmic patterns. Join our webinar for a Free Mini-Session.

Bruce Lipton

Stem Cell Biologist

An award-winning medical school lecturer and keynote speaker, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized stem cell biologist. A pioneer in bridging science and spirit, he is regarded as one of the leading voices of the new biology.

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