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Tuesday Schedule (All Times PST)

3 pm - Spirit Channeling Circle - Shelley Hofberg -  May 18 & every 3rd Tues 

5 pm - Happiness Hour: Awakening Intuition - Michele Bradshaw

7 pm - Crop Circles and their Benefits - Share Int'l

Tuesday Speaker Schedule

3-4 pm

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Spirit Channeling Circle: Shelley Hofberg: May 18 & every 3rd Tues

3 pm PDT

4 pm PST

4-5 pm PST

Medium Shelley Hofberg has had a connection to the ‘Spirit World’ since age seven. For many years, as a Medium & channeling teacher, Shelley has shared her knowledge of the spirit world connection to us & the many kinds of spirits that can help.

Spirit guides can also share ideas that can be manifested on the physical plane to teach us what we need to learn. Spirit guides are a spiritual conscious energy that can interact with us on both the physical and spiritual planes through channeling.

In the ‘Spirit Channeling Circle’ Shelley receives messages from your loved ones, including relatives, pets and angels on the other side. As a Medium Shelley is the bridge between this world and the spirit world. This is how Shelley is able to connect and communicate with those of the other side.

Astrology & Healing - Dean Price

4 pm PDT

1 - 2 pm

We'll look at attendees astrology charts, identify the core talents, abilities, & challenges, then using hands-on polarity techniques on corresponding pairs of Planet/Chakra points, we'll work with Angels & Spirit Guides to clear, heal, & reprogram your energy centers. 

Dean Price is an astrologer, numerologist, & polarity therapist. He developed the astrological keyword system for the #1 book on Oprah Magazine's list of Astrology Books: Astrology for Yourself. Dean created the concepts for that book using the same principles of Astrology, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, & Manifestation he'll share with you in this webinar.

Astrology, Akashic Records, & your Soul Plan - Dean & Mona 

4 pm PST

1 - 2 pm

Most importantly, growing in this way allows you to heal your trauma, which makes it possible to live as more of your true self. This energy ripples on & on, making you an active participant in the healing & transformation of humanity. And what greater joy is there than this?
Mona is a Morphic healer of galactic fields, & does activations of higher chakras (all 22), alignments with akashic records of your business, finding your soul plan. 

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The search for “purpose” helps you identify passions & figure out what feels good. Uncovering a Plan, however, connects you to your soul.
You have a library of information in your Akashic Records - every detail of your soul’s journey (thoughts, feelings, experiences) from every lifetime you’ve lived. Working in your Akashic Records enables you to step into the experiences you had in other lifetimes to discover & resolve old karma & commitments, which empowers you to fulfill that plan.

Accessing your quantum soul history answers the question we all have: Why am I here? When you seek the plan rather than a purpose, you move from a job description to the greater truth about who you really are. You step into your own power & wisdom in a way that is so much bigger.

When you know your Soul Plan, obstacles don’t scare you. You understand that the pain you experience in this life is for the evolution of your soul & therefore the collective. It fosters recognition that we're all connected to Source, even though the human in us can make that challenging to remember.

5 pm PDT

Happiness Hour: Awakening Intuition - Michele Bradshaw

The Happiness Hour presents happiness hacks, tips ,tools & techniques to support the elevation of your happiness setpoint to raise your vibration & expand your container, & bring you closer to the light. Each week I will share a free 15 minute mini session for first time participants who can bring a question or a challenge, & we will bring insight, wisdom & resolution to whatever challenges are showing up in your world. You can learn how to expand your intuition, activate your magical manifesting ability, & elevate your happiness & overall well being. 

I have been an intuitive reader for the last 30 years, I have also developed the Lifeguards Transformation Program, & the Lite method, & the new Liter Techniques that are all designed to free you from your history, your conditioning, & your habitual patterns, so that you can bring your energy present time & really manifest the life of your dreams. I am a Happiness expert & author of the book The Habit of Happiness. I also provide professional training for energy healers & lightworkers.

7 pm  PDT

Crop Circles and their Benefits - Share Int'l

How are crop circles are formed? What are the associated important benefits of crop circles?  What is behind their formation? Why has the activity increased?
Every 2,000 to 2,500 hundred years we begin a New Cycle or Age. At the beginning of each Age a great Spiritual Teacher appears to help and guide all humanity.  In this message of hope, humanity has begun this New Age with the World Teacher poised to come public in the very near future. 
The talk will include discussion to answer all questions about crop circles.

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